April 21, 2011

Message of Love

This is what I know is true.  
There is a God and he loves you.  
What you've heard before is not what God wanted you to hear;
Messages of condemnation, causing fear.

I've had enough of people giving me cardboard answers,
their lists of rules and regulations that cause in my heart a cancer. 
Jesus talked about people like them,
Looking perfect on the outside,  but inside, a building condemned.

I'm sad to say that for many years,
I believed all the lies, bought into all the fears.
I lived my life trying to be so perfect,
but on the inside I was sick.

Now I'm getting to know this God who loves me,
who delights to bring forth beauty from inside me.
He lifted from me this search for perfection,
And told me he loves me just as I am.

No more striving for acceptance from him.
I know he loves me in spite of my sins.
Now I feel him with me everyday,
even when I make so many mistakes, it's ok.

I'm sad to say that Christians have gotten it all wrong,
We've been singing the lyrics of a different song.
If we spoke first of how God loves everyone,
we might see this world transformed; but it won't come from obligation.

 God's message is one of grace and beauty.
Not a life of doing things solely out of duty,
But a life lived out in love
that comes from knowing the one who is love.

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