April 12, 2011


Yesterday I was working with my six year old on his math homework.  My four year old was playing under the table where we were sitting.  We worked on perimeters and areas and then switched to talking about half numbers.  Like if you have twenty dogs and give half to a friend, how many do you give away?  One question said:  If you have a bag of fourteen candies and decide to give half to your brother, how many will you give him?  My four year old popped up from under the table very quickly looking for the bag of candies his brother was going to share with him!  Poor guy was pretty disappointed when he realized there were none.

Then today we were trying to find some new sneakers for the boys.  They wear them out SO fast!  I saw some soccer cleats and said to my husband:  Mira estos tacos.   Tacos are also the word used for soccer cleats.  I put them down and my four year old said, "Mommy, I wanted some tacos....tacos arabes!"  Tacos arabes are a kind of taco we have here!  Of course we headed on over to have tacos arabes.  Those are the only kind of tacos we bought today.


  1. Mmmmm tacos. My kiddos love daddy's tacos. So when we were on our way to Disneyland and Ezekeil kept asking, "Where are we going?" His dad got tared of telling him Disneyland so he answered once, "taco stand". Then Ezekiel says, "YAY Taco Stand!!!!" lol!

  2. Taco Bell tacos taste like shoes. Now we know, right!