August 22, 2011

It happened today. . .

As I was minding my own business, driving to pick up my son from school, lost in my random to-do list thinking, POW! desire decided to raise it's head.  "I'm still here", it said, "you can't ignore me too much longer without becoming a robot going through the motions.  I'm here and you can't squash me down anymore!"  And then I just started sobbing, driving down the road trying to see past my tears, knowing the truth.  I don't want to be here any more.  I have known this for a while but I can no longer ignore it.  I can no longer pretend that everything is perfect and I don't miss my family and my country and my culture and language.   As much as I love my friends here and as much as I love my husband, I want to go back.  I want him to want to go back with me.  I have no idea how this could work.  I'm just saying it out loud, I want to go back.

August 3, 2011

A little bit about me and you

I got in on this challenge a bit late because we were out of town this weekend until yesterday.  Now I'm joining Lisa from From One Country to Another in her you and me challenge.

1.  How long have you been with your husband?
We have been married for ten years.

2. Can you remember one funny miscommunication because of language barriers?
Well,  I remember once my mother-in-law told me I had fat legs.  I got really annoyed until my husband    explained that she was trying to say something nice.  I guess she meant shapely?

3.  What state and city have you relocated to?
Puebla, Puebla

4. Do you and hubby have children?
Yes we have two boys, 7 and 4 (he'll be five on the 25th)

5. What is one thing your blogger friends don't know about you?
I am really thankful for your blogs and feel SO encouraged by you, even if I forget or don't have time to comment.  I am reading!

6. What are some of your favorite hobbies or pasttimes?
I play the piano and sing.  I read a lot.
7.How did you stumble upon the blogging community?
I was reading a blog I liked that has nothing to do with this community, but I noticed a comment by someone in Mexico and soon I was realizing there was a whole group of mexpats who blogged!  For a while I would read and read and read.  I remember telling my husband about my new "friends."  I starting blogging more regularly after that.

8.  Have you learned something new about yourself during this whole process that has changed all of our lives?  Yes.  I know my situation is different because my husband never lived in the U.S.  Living in the U.S. didn't ever really seem like an option since he and I met here.  It has still been very difficult and I have had to change a lot of the way I do things and have learned to be content with less of the everyday comforts I was used to.  I've learned that I can adapt and communicate well in two languages.  I've learned that I can be stretched and be more patient than I thought.

9.Something that I love about Mexico or can't stand or miss living without?
I love how people joke around so much, and poke fun at themselves.  I love sitting for hours with friends and not feeling the need to rush them to leave or be bound by schedule and just being free to chat and visit and enjoy our friendship.  I love that people are first.  I can't stand bad driving and standing in line at government agencies.  I miss family, Chick-fil-a, libraries and lots of parks.

10. Did you know your in-laws before moving and has it been a big adjustment being closer to them?  Yes and yes!

11. If you knew you were going to the States next week where is the first place you'd go after seeing family?  Chickfila!