October 29, 2011

Taken over by dust!

I have lost my camera with the "before" pictures. :(  It's somewhere in one of the piles of stuff I'm trying to pack up and get out of my house.  We bit off way more than we could chew....or my husband did anyway.  The plan was to build on the back of our house before tearing down things on the inside.  This would've given us time to move into our friend's house that will be ready in a few weeks.  But no, he feels the pressure to get things done.  So the construction crew starting tearing things down on Thursday.  Now our downstairs looks like a war zone and our upstairs is filling with dust, despite all the things we've done to block off that area of our house.  I am thankful for all that is getting accomplished but I feel a lot of pressure to get the heck out of here!  Today the plan is to move our stuff to storage and get everything out of the upstairs and figure out where we can stay until the house if available for us sometime in November.

October 19, 2011

Home sweet home

We live in my husband's childhood home.  It's very different than the way it was when he was a boy.  Back then they only had an outdoor bathroom and a first floor with laminate roofing.  He rebuilt it around 15 years ago but the architect didn't do a very good job.  My husband paid him with his truck and the man drove off and never came back.  The plans were all wrong and the house is sort of ramshackle because of it.  Daniel (my husband) has been saying that he wants to re-do the house for the eight years we've lived here.  So, now we have found an excellent architect and have a new plan for the house.  It was a little disappointing to me at first because it means we will be here longer but the more I look at the plan, it makes sense.  For as long as we will be here, we will have a much more functional home that will be great for entertaining (which we love to do).  Our boys will have their own bedrooms and I'm getting a new kitchen.  And it will be much easier to sell in the future.

The workers come on Monday.  I will try to get the before pictures up before they start tearing walls down.  I know that I will be living with dust for the next four or five months but I'm hopeful that the end result will be worth it.

October 5, 2011

I'm still here

I apologize for not writing sooner.  I wrote the last post around the time school started and my schedule got crazy.  Then I was still feeling bad for longer than I thought was "normal" and didn't want to write.  Recently, I thought about writing and was sort of unsure how to get started again....En fin.  I'm still here.

So, back in August, I told my husband how I was feeling and he agreed that we should eventually live for some time in the U.S. but that for now he is not ready.  I was hoping for next school year but that is too soon.  It's hard for him to envision himself earning a living there since he has had the same business here since before I knew him.  I understand that and am trying to lower my expectations/time line for moving.  I also try to put myself in his shoes and it makes me almost back down, just because I know how much of a change it will be.  I almost back down...but don't.  For now moving is on the back burner.

I am very thankful for all the comments and concern I've gotten from all of you mexpats.  I feel understood.  I wish I had had this kind of support way back when I first came here but I sure am grateful for it now.
Thank you.  Thank you for understanding how I feel and commiserating with me.

I will try to blog on a more regular basis again.