October 22, 2012


It's been a few weeks.  We are learning to take things day by day and trust God to give us strength to face each new day.  My suegra is improving.  She still cannot move much without help but she is doing better as far as her outlook on life is concerned.  She eats now and we are looking into having the surgery to remove the tube in her stomach.  She no longer needs it since she can eat and drink on her own.  We are also looking into getting a specialized wheelchair for her so we can take her outside a little bit to sit in the sun, or to get inside the shower.  She needs one that can lay flat and also that gives support to her head.

Our lives have completely changed but it no longer feels so disheartening.  We are learning to ask for help, and allow others to come in and  help when possible.  Even so, it is a lot of work to care for someone who needs constant, around the clock care.  I don't know what the future holds but I have learned that worrying about it just takes away my peace of mind.  I choose to trust God and go day by day.  Honestly, I know we could not do this without the constant strength and peace he gives us.  My husband and I are making a great team but there have been a lot of adjustments.  I can say that I am so thankful to know that God holds us in his hands and gives us the help we need.  I also feel closer to my husband through all this and I feel our marriage getting stronger.  I don't thank God for what happened, that would be crazy.  I thank him that in all this,we are learning to trust more and worry less.