April 1, 2011

not a Mexican

I wanted to apply for dual citizenship this year.  I even got my birth certificate with the apostille on my visit to the States in December.  I have studied the questions they are supposed to ask about history and current events and the patriotic symbols of Mexico and the anthem and everything.   I have a list of all the requirements and really only need to make an appointment but I just keep dragging my feet.

Some people might wonder why I would even want dual citizenship.  One reason is the convenience of not having to stand in line at INM once a year...well more like twice, once to turn in paperwork and once to pick up my visa.  Another reason is how much money I'd save in the long run since it costs around 2800 pesos to renew it each year.  Plus if I do become a citizen I would be able to work without changing my status and paying more money.  Those reasons still don't seem like enough anymore.  For one reason, I think that after I've had the FM2 for five years I can quit showing up at INM unless I move or decide to leave the country permanently.  I think I would be considered a legal resident.

I used to think so ideally about becoming Mexican.  I wanted to have my credencial del IFE by 2012 so I could vote in the next presidential elections.   I was actually pretty excited about it.  Now I'm not as naïve.  I have friends who work for some higher up politicians, who have told me that the rumors and scandals we see on the news are just the tip of the iceberg and I don't think being able to vote is going to make much of a difference.  I feel angry about the injustices I see everyday, like people living in poverty while politicians continue to pay themselves the big bucks.  It makes me feel sick to think about what the minimum wage here is.  I think politicians should get minimum wage.  Servidor publico mis nalgas.  The only ones they are serving are themselves.

I have to reiterate that I really love Mexico, it's people, culture and beauty.  If I didn't I would not still be here. It's the broken system that I loathe.  It's the "me-first" mentality of those who have the most and only share with their buddies and get away with it. This is why at least 20 million Mexicans live in extreme poverty.  Believe me I could go on about the ruthless capitalism, broken judicial system (see Presunto Culpable) and crooked politicians but I'll stop because it just makes me angry.
I started this post at the beginning of March and today I read another blog talking about some of these issues and I felt motivated to finish what I started.  After mulling this over for some time I've decided that for now I will not pursue dual citizenship.  Maybe someday I'll change my mind, but not right now.


  1. Hi there!
    I'm a Mexican citizen and completely agree with you. Mexico as a country has the potential to become a first world country, if the politicians would stop stealing its resources and care a little bit about its citizens. Too bad they only think about themselves. Get your permanent resident card, unless you are truly planning to stay in Mexico for a long time. Then you should apply for citizenship, it's more cost effective. Anyway, greetings y que pases un buen dia!
    ps, Me gusta tu blog!

  2. Hello! I just found your blog.

    I have dual citizenship and acquired it back in the states when I was 17 with the help of my parents. I've always looked at having dual citizenship from the perspective of being able to own property and handle all of the legal business down in Mexico. My father owns property in Mexico so back when I first inquired about dual citizenship it was with the intention of ruling out problems to own property etc. Now, I am married to a Mexican citizen who owns property and the same situation applies.

    Not sure what situation you are in but just thought I would throw that out there!