April 11, 2011

C'mon Rain!

I knew it was coming, this dry, clay-baking, scorching heat.  It comes every year.  Each day the heat builds and builds into the hazy sky until it just has to rain, but then doesn't.  Those teasing gray clouds blow over and we're left to wait out another suffocating night.  I know I'm being dramatic but I live in a nice concrete home that bakes in the sun all day long and I married a man who can't stand a breeze blowing in through the window.  I would sleep naked if I wasn't worried there might be an earthquake to shake things up in the middle of the night...imagine running out of your home naked to greet all the neighbors.  So, since I can't do that, (and even if I did it doesn't help all that much) you'd think I could just turn on a fan or open the window.  But you'd be wrong.  My dear husband's nose would run and he would catch a cold.  I don't think he realizes how much I love him.  Seriously, I hate being hot.  I would rather be in freezing weather.  I feel that the one biggest sacrifice I've made in this marriage is not moving away from family and friends to live in a foreign county....no, the one biggest sacrifice is my sweating it out every night until the weather changes.  I know in a month or so, the rains will come and once again I'll forget how sweaty I was.  But right now, smack in the middle of April, I am roasting. (And yes I know I'm exagerada :)


  1. I fell the same way, It is like 105 here and brought A/C's with us but, have yet to install them. Well, maybe I will sweat off some pounds! LOL

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I was in the cold weather in the states for the last two months and have been thrown in to this hot hot weather this week. I keep thinking I will get used to it, or I have to right? Well I just dont know if that is possible anymore.

  3. you should keep a cooler with ice water and wash clothes next to your bed.
    mike is the opposite. he likes to have the ceiling fan on high so it gets so cold i don't want to escape the blanket in the morning and i stay in bed a little too long.