February 9, 2011

It's Time

I started this blog last year when I had hurt my achilles tendon at a school picnic with my children.  My husband says I was very "imprudente" for participating in a sack race at the age of 34 while weighing at least 30 pounds more than I should (also being an overly competitive person didn't help).  But my boys were jumping up and down volunteering me for the race.  How could  I have said no?  So, I hopped my way to the giant rope web, climbed up to pop a balloon and on my way back down I realized I had forgotten to remove the sack and slipped on the rope falling very hard.  I heard a thud but kept going.  I didn't win the race but my boys were proud.  By the next day I could not even walk.  I borrowed a walker and used it like crutches and we got over to the otrhopedist who could tell without a doubt that my tendon was messed up.

Anyway, that being said, I was forced to SLOW DOWN for a few weeks and so, I started this blog.  I didn't even know how many Mexpats (American/Canadian Expats in Mexico) were out there til I thought of writing about my life in Mexico. Now I've read many many blogs which I LOVE and have made me feel in such great company in this wonderful (sometimes pull-your-hair-out frustrating) country.  Although none of the authors seem to live in Puebla, I feel comforted over cyberspace to see so many going through the same experiences I have over the years.  Now, I've decided to share my blog with the world... or at least with those who want to read, and try to write more consistently.  I guess I'll wait and see who comes along for the ride.

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