February 28, 2011

Red circle...

Each day after school I check my boys' daily behavior report that their teacher has filled out.  If it has a green circle, that means they were well behaved, or at least they weren't caught when they were misbehaving.  If it has a yellow circle, it means they got a warning but it wasn't too serious of an offense. If there is a red circle, I know they did something pretty bad and I usually have to call their teacher.

When my older son was in kindergarten he normally got green circles so I was suprised to see a red circle one day.  I noticed that his teacher had written down that it was for bothering a classmate.  I asked him, "So, Alex, who did you bother at school today?"  He said, "I don't know Mommy."  I thought he was avoiding the issue so I asked him again, "Who were you bothering?"  He answered again that he didn't know. I decided to change the question and see if he would tell me at least what he had done. He answered, " I hit him with my folder but I don't know who it was."  I was starting to get annoyed so I asked him a final time who he had hit.  He said "Mommy, I don't know if it was Rodrigo or Medardo!"  Oh.  They were the identical twins in his class.

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  1. Ha! A friend of mine had a little boy who was in the same class as my sister's twins. He got home from school one day and said, "One of them is really mean, but I don't know which one." The best part? Everyone in our family knew exactly which one it was!