February 9, 2011

Mexican Patch Adams a.k.a. Pepe Pan

"Conchita" with his big ears on.

We love our pediatrician dearly. When you walk into his waiting room, you can see a lime green strainer, a hot pink serving spoon, an orange lemon squeezer, some pink rollers and a bright yellow fly swatter all hanging on the wall above some brightly colored floor mats and cubes. Above the receptionist's desk there are more drawings and child made thank you cards than you can count. On the bookshelf in the waiting room is a book he likes to show his first time patients called, "Cacanimales" or PoopAnimals in English.  It's a book that shows all kinds of different cartoon animals pooping.  When it is our turn to go back, Dr. de la Concha always comes out to greet us, usually with some huge rubber ears over his own, or a fake rubber tongue he blows up like a balloon. His desk is a large wooden table with a ton of colorful candy under a glass top. He also has a pretend mp3 player that he'll tell you to listen to but instead of hearing music it'll give you a small electrical shock.  He is more like a fun uncle you want to visit so you can play with all his gadgets and get a lollipop. He always has a funny story or joke to tell. I know he's not even my doctor, but I love him as much as my kids do.  I never hear a complaint to go see him, even if it's for a vaccination.

Our last visit was not on a good day.  My then three year old had fallen down our stone stairs onto his face. His teeth were all pushed inward and his lips were sliced and swollen. He looked like the loser of a boxing match. I called the doctor and he said he'd meet us in twenty minutes in his office. On top of everything I was on crutches from an accident from the week before. As we got to the hospital where he has his office, the valet asked if we needed a wheelchair. So, my husband put me in the wheelchair with my baby on my lap and headed to Conchita's office.  As he was wheeling us down the hallway I realized how funny we must look, in a cynical sort of way.

After he examined my boy and said the affected teeth may possibly fall out but he would be fine, he told us the story of when he got a friend at school to flip him upside down by pulling both his arms from between his legs from behind.  He said that day when his mom came to get him, she didn't even know he was standing in front of her due to his hugely swollen mouth.  As we were leaving he told his secretary that of course there would be no charge and to take down our number in case he had a problem and needed to call someone!

Once I took my older son because he was underweight.  Conchita looked at him, checked him out, weighed and measured him and wrote this on his prescription pad: "Estas flaco y sano.  Te quiero mucho. Don't worry Mom or Dad" (the first part means, you are skinny and healthy, I love you so much).  He told us another story that day about how his son was so skinny growing up that everyone called him "bones".

This man always knows what to say to make you feel better and he always has a joke.  He even has a fan club on Facebook by all his medical students who love him.  I guess I'll have to start one of all the moms and dads he's blessed and reassured and shocked (electrically speaking).

Pepe Pan with my boys.

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  1. If you are reading this post and know Dr. de la Concha, why don't you write something about him? I know he would appreciate it. I think so many people are thankful to him but maybe haven't had a chance to tell him.