October 28, 2015


Hi!  I'm just stopping by to take a quick break.  I've been working on editing/correcting the English on a thesis that a friend has written for her Master's degree.  It has been daunting.  She told me that she wrote it by translating from Spanish to English.  That makes it very difficult to figure out at times.  So, I am hoping to be finished with it by Friday because she is going to have to make a ton of changes and her deadline for the final paper is Monday.

I've always loved editing really and I've sort of been reflecting on why these past two days.  I think it's because I know the rules and I love taking something messy and making it neat or taking something that's unclear and making sense out of it. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm a neat person, just that I'm a stickler for neat and clear writing.  But I've also been wondering if I like editing because I lack the courage to write something big that might need to be edited.  I have been asking myself that.  Its not that I feel the urge to write a book or even a thesis, its more that I'd like to take ideas and make something bigger out of them.  Maybe I'm not quite explaining myself.  That's ok.  I like this feeling because it gives me the sense that there are possibilities that I haven't explored.  And in this wonderful, crazy life of lunchboxes and soccer practices and homework and being absorbed into daily activities, it's nice to feel like there are some things I do well that have nothing to do with being a wife and mother.  

My break is over.  See you soon!

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