November 11, 2012

My husband's sister is leaving tomorrow.  She has been helping us so much with her mom and I am so thankful for all she's done.  It has helped tremendously but she can't stay forever.  Her life is somewhere else.  Ours is here so we stay.  We are going to miss her (and her husband) soooo much. It isn't only that she helped with caring for her mom.  She has been a huge moral support and sounding board for us during this time.  I really don't think we could've made the transistion from hospital to home without her.  Both my husband and I are very sad to see them leave.  

My mother-in-law is on such a roller coaster physically these days.  You never know what kind of day she'll have...if she'll be in pain and depressed, or talkative and optimistic.  Lately it's been bad days.  She doesn't sleep enough and that makes her feel a lot worse.   

I never had any idea at all about what having a stroke could be like for someone, or what it takes to care for that person.  I never knew how common it is and how often this happens.  It is such a hard situation for the patient and I know many people never recover at all.  

I know my blog is supposed to be about life in Mexico.  But right now, this is my life in Mexico.  

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