November 29, 2012

Little inconveniences in Mexico become big ones.

I don't usually complain about Mexico...I do gripe from time to time but I wouldn't say my blog is a continuous complaint about living here. Ok, maybe the last few posts are but I promise to post something positive....NEXT time.

 Today, though, I need to just vent a little bit. Let's just use running out of gas (for heating water in my home and cooking) as an example here. When you run out of are out. You have to call the gas people, get them to send a truck and wait all day, or as long as they decide to take depending on their route, etc. If you so much as leave for ten minutes to pick up kids from school or something, you are out of luck and have to call again. Inconvenient is an understatement. This means, no showers, hot breakfasts or anything else until they refill the tank. In the US you just pay your bill and the gas is always there! I miss that. And I know having a dryer is an extreme luxury here. I have one that was given to me as a gift by my uncle and mom when Alex was born. Well, imagine, washing school clothes the night before because you are behind on laundry and everything else due to a situation beyond your control that keeps you from keeping up on housework....and then no gas? And two crying boys telling you that if they don't have the right school uniform, they miss out on the one recess they have a day. Yeah....that's what happened. I hung the uniforms out all night but they were still super damp this morning.

I feel like I'm ten steps behind on getting ahead on household chores. I feel so overwhelmed right now and then running out of gas or just having to do something outside my normal routine, throws everything off. And housework takes so much more time here. It's so dusty and dirty and I have to mop and dust so many more times a week than I would elsewhere.

Also, I know what a huge blessing it is to have a few people to sit at night with my mother-in-law. We pay them and everything but it is still such a big deal to have these two ladies come and alternate staying with her every night. It would be exhausting for us to have to do that at this point. Anyway, these sweet ladies DON'T show up at the time I ask them to. Like I said, we pay's a job. I have asked them to please come at 8:30 p.m. at the latest and they come at 9, sometimes even as late as 9:30. This totally screws up the bedtime routine, which is SUPER important and if you're a mom you will know this. Anyway, they don't respect the time of arrival, even though I PAY them and ask them to please arrive earlier. So, I have to sit with my mil while I know my boys are here by themselves, not getting to sleep. But when I don't go straight to her house in the morning when it's time for them to leave, I can see they are upset! In the U.S. most of the time, when you are told to show up to work at a certain time, you GO at that time. End of story or you get fired.

That's it, I'm glad I could get that off my chest. Hopefully the gas didn't come while I was gone and will arrive soon.

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