May 17, 2011

respuesta incorrecta

Way to go Georgia.  It's great for you to set an example for other states with illegal immigrants.  Good thing the KKK backed you up on this important decision.  Because if the KKK is behind you, you know you're doing a great job!

Really?  I am so disappointed by this whole deal.  

What's the difference between me and an illegal immigrant?  I was born into privilege, just by being born in the USA.  Did I do something to earn that privelige?  No.  Did I get a college education because I'm a good person?  No.  I was born white.  I was born to a hard-working, middle class family.   I was given free access to the road to success.  Yes I have had to work hard but I was handed the tools I needed.

Life is definitely not fair.  The playing field is nowhere near even. 

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  1. I completely agree with you, I am fom GA. We left and came here to try to get Miguel's Visa after the new law was proposed and approved by the House at the beginning of this year. Miguel wants to return to GA but, I don't. I have friends who are US citizens and moved from Arizona to GA due to being harassed by the police because they are Hispanic. My friends husband was even arrested because he didn't have proof on him that he is an American citizen. So, I really don't want to have to deal with the Police harassing Miguel just because he is Mexican and speaks with an accent. We'll see but, I think GA made a huge mistake by approving that law, over 80% of a huge piece of Metro Atlanta are Hispanic and the majority of the residents are in the country illegally.