March 8, 2011

Yeah for technology!

I'm definitely not a techie type person.  I can barely scan a document and usually afterwards can't even find it.  I like blogging but I'm still trying to figure some things out.  I know my four and six year old boys will have surpassed me in the next few years as far as computer know-how is concerned.  I'm ok with that, as long as they can be patient with me in the future!  I didn't even know my phone could have apps until this past December when my sister-in-law asked me if I had a smart phone and then proceeded to explain to me what that was.   So I guess it's safe to say that I was the last person who'd have thought that I would want to use an e-reader.  But guess what?  Yeah for e-readers!

I got my kindle at Christmas in the States.  Usually in a year I read around 10 to 12 books depending on if I find anything I like in Sanborns and what people loan me that's in English.  I can read in Spanish but it's slow-going unless I'm really into the book and I usually just get tired and quit the book.  So, I had definitely been in a reading desert for quite some time.  Not anymore!  Since January I have read eight books and am now on my ninth.  I am thrilled to be reading things I like to read and I really have to limit myself to a book a week or I will stay up all night reading!   I just finished Room last week. I can't stop thinking about that book and I definitely recommend it.  Now I'm on Oliver Twist and loving it.  I'm glad there are free books out there because this has the potential of becoming an expensive habit.

After years of reading leftovers and borrowed books, I am in reader heaven.


  1. I've thought about getting one of those. I love reading books! Glad you got one and LOVE it!! Woo Hoo Books!

  2. Hurray for books!

  3. I love my Kindle. Here in Mexico i can easily say it is the best purchase i have ever made. I wasn't much of a reader before, but i knew i could use something to pass the time and now i love to read!

  4. I have an ipad, and I'm still kind of amazed that I don't have to drive to Barnes and Noble any longer when I want a new book. I'd never thought of it before, but I can see how great an e-reader would be in a non-English-speaking country. The only drawbacks are that I can't dog ear the pages that have lines I particularly love. And I can't get authors to sign my ipad.