May 20, 2010


"Don't you miss your home? Don't you miss the States?" I get this question often. I mean, I have been living in Mexico for most of my adult life. Its funny because I do miss family obviously and friends back home. I also miss some things about home, like libraries and nicely kept public parks with amazing playgrounds for kids and getting great deals on clothes. Yes, there are things I miss and enjoy when I go back. I think when I am there I could eat every meal at chick-fil-a. But strangely enough when I am home, I feel foreign for at least half the time. I feel like people are so very rude, when I know they are acting totally normal. I go to a grocery store or department store and when I walk past someone I always say excuse me because it's what I do here and I'm shocked when they say nothing or go "mmmm-hmmm". It bothers me when people don't say hello to me personally at a get-together or party. The collective hello is considered rude here. I feel like a social outcast....akward a lot of the time. I find myself second guessing the way I shake hands or greet people, I always lean in to kiss the cheek and sometimes crash into people who think I wanted a hug. It's just weird. If a friend asks me to lunch, I forget how short it will be.
I guess something in me has shifted after living in Mexico so many years.

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