June 24, 2011

Looking back...

Lately I've been thinking back to when I first moved here permanently after I got married.  I think about how lonely I was and how much I wanted friends who I felt would understand me, as an American.  It was pretty tough at times.  I tried to make friends but I felt like an outsider, like I couldn't truly connect with people.  Looking back I can clearly see I was depressed, but at the time I just kept feeling like if I tried a bit harder, life would get better.  During that time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and getting on medicine helped a bit.  I also began working at a language school and made friends with a girl who I am still friends with.  Knowing her and feeling understood helped me more than she will ever know.  We are still friends and have children that are months apart.  I am so thankful for her friendship!

I guess I've started looking back on those times because I've been reading some blogs of a few ladies who have just arrived to Mexico in the past few years.  I see how they long for American products or gadgets you just can't find here.  I can remember feeling like that. I once had my mother send me croutons and chocolate chips.  That sounds funny now, especially since you can find them in the grocery store these days.  I guess I just don't go looking for things that aren't here anymore.  At one point I decided that I would make do with what is available.  There are still a few things my mom sends me.  Socks for my boys or magazines.  If she comes for a visit I will order clothes for them online, since they are cheaper.  I also still get a few things from people (mainly chocolate :) if they happen to ask me and are going to the States.  But I don't pine away after stuff anymore.   I guess it's part of the long process of making Mexico home.


  1. I have not been here long enought to start missing so many things. I have been here on and off for almost a year now. When I do stay here for long periods of time I dont feel like I miss that much. I am sure that time will come. But I can see how you would eventually stop thinking of things that you dont or will not have.

  2. You must have come across my blog! I have been here for 3 years and I can tell you over that time, I have found that they have added so many new things to the grocery stores.

    It does get easier and I start to want less and less from the States. But there are just a handful of things that I love to get in the mail.

    And you are right, clothes shopping in the US is so much cheaper!

  3. Valarie, I did read your blog :) You are so crafty. Love those pillows and quilts and all your cute ideas. I'm thinking of trying out that colored rice with my boys. I think they'll love it but I'm debating cuz it'll be so messy!

    I live in Puebla, I think it's the fourth largest city in Mexico. We even have diet, caffeine-free Dr. Pepper these days. There is pretty much everything, except Chick-fil-a and Dairy Queen :)I guess making do without certain products isn't the same now as it was ten years ago.

    But I remember when walking into a Costco helped me feel like I could exhale and breathe right. It was tough because even though I saw tons of things that made me feel back home, I couldn't really afford most of them! And now that I can, I realize I don't need or want them really, it was just the comfort of them I wanted.
    Little by little it gets easier.

    Anyway, it's nice to "meet" you :)

    Lisa, maybe it will hit you once you stay awhile, or maybe it won't. You seem to be more optimistic than I am.

  4. Hi Karen! I've been in Mexico for almost 20 years and I still love having food/candy from the States. And I really enjoy sharing it with my two daughters. I feel like it's part of me and my culture and I like for them to know that.

    There are a few stores here in GDL that import a ton of products from the States, but unless I really, really want something, I won't pay those kind of prices. I also do as you do, and ask a friend that's going to the States to bring it down. But Wal-Mart has lots of great imported items (I recently found Apple Jacks ceral) and Waldo's.

    The one thing I really miss is Taco Bell even though a lot of people are grossed out when I say that! :)

  5. I LOVE taco bell. I could eat there and Chick-fil-a every meal :)

  6. Hi Karen, I'm so happy to hear of another American near me! We'll be living in Acuamanala, about 30 minutes outside Puebla as you head towards Tlaxcala. Yippie, I'm so excited :) I am coming down for my 7th visit in about 3 weeks. We opened a store with American clothes there last October so I fly down to restock it often. Which school do you teach at? I hope we'll get to meet up when our family gets settled down there in November. I have 2 daughters Mia 3 and Erika 8 and my husband's two boys live in DF :)


  7. Krystal,
    We can definitely meet up. I don't teach anymore but I was with the Volkswagen Language School and I used to drive about halfway to Tlaxcala to give classes at an electrics factory there. I quit after I had my children. My boys are four and seven so maybe we can have a play date with our kids :) Is Acuamanala on the same road as Santa Ana Chautempan? I'll have to email you.

  8. Ok, looked for your email but didn't find it. Can you send it to me: knrobbinsmxATgmailDOTcom